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Nigeria’s MOBicure Releases ỌMỌMI on Android to Help Mothers Keep Their Babies Healthy

by Sam Wakoba
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Nigeria’s MOBicure, a mhealth startup committed to using mobile technology to solve health care issues in Nigeria and Africa has released ỌMỌMI, an android-based mobile application expected to help Nigerian mothers keep their young children healthy.

According to MOBIcure’s Stanley Onduru, “The easy to use application makes it easier for parents and caregivers to cater for the health needs of their children by providing a platform for them to monitor their children’s growth and nutritional status, remember and schedule routine immunization visits, provide a repository of very vital health information and as well as help them handle some common childhood ailments like diarrhea and give useful tips on breast feeding and family planning.”

111104034949-african-babies-mothers-story-topOnduru added that the app also has a Mothers Community section that will provide a safe and secure platform for mothers to interact and that it’s the very first app worldwide that focuses on fulfilling all of the WHO Childhood Survival Strategies – which were developed to help reduce child mortality and promote maternal health.

Designed with the baby in mind, ỌMỌMI developers say the app will ensure  that parents easily monitor their children’s growth, remember routine immunization visits, as well as handle some common childhood ailments like diarrhea. With its GPS locator, mothers can visit the nearest hospital or health facility during emergencies with ease.


The app also has a repository of child health information plus vital tips on breast feeding. It also syncs with a users phone calendar to provide reminders and alarms for getting their baby vaccinated, tracks one’s child’s immunization schedule, store a child’s health records and monitors baby growth via parameters such as OFC, Height, Weight, MAC, Oedema to check for malnutrition among others.

It also has SMS Alerts for all the activities just in case the mother forgets and can help check  a baby’s levels of dehydration and steps to its cure and search for the nearest hospitals and clinics among others.

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