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Yahoo To Invest Into Video Content Further.

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Internet Corporation Yahoo, plans to get into Video content in which it is set to acquire the kind of original programming that typically winds up on high-end cable-TV networks and streaming services like Netflix.

The considered projects would be led by writers or directors with experience in television and unlike in years past, Yahoo is not looking for short-form web originals, but rather 10-episode, half-hour comedies with per-episode budgets ranging from $700,000 to a few million dollars.

The move by the company is in a quest to compete in a costly and crowded market for top-notch original TV series. Yahoo is looking at the same type of shows that Netflix and Amazon are eyeing.

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This comes at a time users are cutting their pay-TV subscriptions and relying solely on online services. Having original programming of their own to showcase. This will get users to spend more time on the site watching high-price ads.

According to the company, a breakout web series would help yahoo improve its perception among advertisers plus it could even persuade some marketers to shift a portion of their ad budgets that would typically go to TV.

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According to Chief Executive Marissa Mayer, Yahoo is hoping to show off TV-caliber content to advertisers on April 28 when it holds its “NewFront” event that is internet companies’answer to the so-called upfront ad-sales presentation made by Tv networks.

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