98 Students Graduate from Samsung’s Engineering Academy


Image from samsungtomorrow.com
Image from samsungtomorrow.com

Samsung electronics through the ‘Hope for Children’ initiative has equipped 98 students with hands-on engineering skills.  The class of 2013 is the second to graduate since the Samsung Electronic Engineering Academy was started in 2012. The academy’s goal is to develop skilled electronic engineers across Africa.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony held at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies, the Vice President of Samsung Electronics East and Central Africa said that Africa is facing a shortage of technical and engineering hand-on skills hence the training program which includes nine months of practical class work and three months of field internships.

He also added that the company has invested about Ksh 21.7 million in the setting up of the academy at Nairobi Westlands area and spends more than Ksh 16 million annually in taking the students through the program.

In the Academy, the trainees receive free hand-on training where they learn on Hand Held Products, Refrigeration and Air conditioning, Audio/Video and Home Appliances and Computer and printing Technologies.

The students afterwards graduate and the best performing are offered opportunities at Samsung and the rest taken by Samsung partner institutions which gives them the advantage to quickly secure employment as service technicians. Last year, 176 students graduated from the academy and 40% of them got employed within Samsung and their partners.