CEO Weekends: VaultWorks Wants to be Africa’s Dropbox


VaultWorks_Logo_HIghSouth Africa’s VaultWorks, is secure online document storage application promising total data security and available via desktop, phone or mobile device.

Developed by LAW Holdings, VaultWorks promises to secure users data with file encryption during storage, document versioning, remote access by password, as well as simple document management with search function and flexible sharing. It also features promote easy document management, secure access and convenience.

Accessible online at users simple sign and once all relevant details are validated and the application approved, a unique VaultWorks password is issued and the user is ready to get started.

Users can then create and name Safety Boxes within the vault to ensure documents are easy to find and are kept organised. Images, videos and other files can also be uploaded into a user’s vault.

All vaults are protected in terms of both online security and privacy. The VaultWorks team cannot access a vault and users can rest assured that their content is treated with complete confidentiality.

VaultWorks owners are able to share confidential information/documentation with selected friends/family members/colleagues etc. These individuals are called ‘Vault Viewers’. This authorises them to view items only in the Safety Boxes they are granted access to. They are not able to add or delete documents.

VaultWorks guarantees users peace of mind and, more importantly, a way to maintain a systematic approach to organising important documentation, avoiding the hassle of not knowing where documents are when they are required the most.