Mysterious Gadget Copies Substances In 20 Seconds


Photocopiers and scanners copy documents that are printed or stored in computer software for multiple future purposes. But of late, a new gadget has gone a step further to prove that even fluids, natural elements and other substances, can be copied and stored in electronically patterned water, leading to diverse benefits.

The gadget has no definite name, concur manufacturers. However, the gadget is simply comes as a 100 per cent positive off-set frequency generator set at 30,000 Hertz (cycles per second) connected to a flat 3 ½ square inch sheet of aluminum. The substances placed on the sheet are allegedly copied to a 20ml bottle of purified water placed adjacent to them for 20 seconds then stored for years.

Yet, this concept is not so new. The concept of copying substances to was discovered by late Canadian independent scientist Dr. Hulda Clark. In 1989, she discovered that every living or non living thing has a unique frequency. And in her later years of research, since 2000 it was discovered that each substance can be copied and stored in vials of water using a frequency generator. Concurring with her research findings, a few organizations that now create the copies are now witnessing exponential growth in sales of the copies to clients globally.

Since 2000, Dr. Clark used the bottle copies to carry out research on terminally ill patients with diseases like cancer, witnessing results but a few legal challenges with authorities. Nevertheless, after her death, organizations like Bottle Copies Ltd is one of the few organisations that began creating the copies ranging from parts of the human anatomy to other substances including elements from a Chemist’s periodic table, thus selling the copies worldwide.

“As a result of this dedication to quality and range of samples, in 2006, Dr. Clark published our details as her recommended source for all “Bottle Copies,” a role which we are honoured to fulfill,” is an inscription on its website. Thus far, the copies each worth £5.00 have been sold for medical purposes, in which individuals take the drops sublingually to strengthen body organs.

The copies produced are stored in amber glass bottles, containing two to three teaspoons of pure filtered water. Nearly any physical item can be made into a “Bottle Copy” using techniques similar to those used to make homeopathic medicines, they say. Essentially, the copies which do not contain any physical specimens but pure water are easy to transport and work with in diverse therapies.

Moreover, while vitamins and supplements are also used as specimens to create copies, it would likely save a patients’ need to shop for more.

However, the device has been subject to criticisms especially by, a website that discredits alternative health practices. Stephen Barrett of Quack Watch, termed the device as “medically worthless” with no genuine diagnostic or therapeutic value.

But despite the criticisms, scientists, researchers and cancer survivors like Arthur Doerksenhope aspire that national bodies would approve the use of the mysterious gadget also termed as a “zapper” and incorporate it in day-to-day uses for convenience.

For details about the product, contact Bottle Copies Ltd on [email protected].