Launches in Kenya to Help Girls Find the True Value of Their Bride Price


BP_Banner01Just weeks after launching BridePrice in Nigeria, Anakle, a Nigerian digital agency has launched a Kenyan version of the site to help Kenyans know how much they could pay in bride prices for their wives or their friend’s wives.

The  social media app launched for fun allows anyone to calculate a girl’s worth or their friends or enemies basing on their looks, qualifications, knowledge of current affairs among other things. According to the firm, the Nigerian version of the app has received over two million with visits from over 180 countries around the world and has been featured on BBC, CNBC, CNN and major international news outlets.

certThe app, which calculates a bride price based on quiz questions is just for fun, and people should not take it serious but use it just like a game.

I don’t know how much any girl is worth, and that’s everyone’s problem because women are invaluable and the app is not trying to calculate anyone’s worth at all. The digital agency says it launched it to test what causes virality on social media and of course controversy does according to the outcry againt the app in both local Nigerian and international media.

So we have this imaginary Kenyan girl, who is tall, medium height, has sexy bow legs like Beyoncé, has a light complexion or dark like Lupita, has bright white teeth, with a gap, has a Masters degree and is employed and the list goes on. In just ten minutes, anyone can calculate the value of their girlfriend and even get a certificate for that, but  don’t take it serious its just a game so go chek out your enemies worth or even yours or your girlfriend’s and laugh all the way to happy weekend.