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Safaricom Welcomes Parliamentary Probe into the Secutiry Project Tender

by Sam Wakoba
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Safaricom Limited has welcomed the parliamentary probe into the Public Safety Communications Project which the government the firm last month.

In a statement, Safaricom’s Chief Executive Officer, Bob Collymore said, “In the interests of transparency, Safaricom Limited welcomes the move by the Parliamentary Committee on Security and Administration to scrutinize the deal and we would therefore like to assure Parliament of our full cooperation during life of the probe.”

The government last month awarded Safaricom Limited a tender to build and deliver a Public Safety Communications and surveillance solution for the National Police Service.

The system is expected to run on an independent LTE security communications network using designated International Telecommunications Union standards and not on Safaricom’s commercial network and will be managed by the National Police Service and not Safaricom.

Set to commence in Nairobi and Mombasa cities first before being scaled up to other parts of the country, the deal will cost Safaricom KES 14.9 Billion.


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