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10 Advantages of Online Classified Sites to Sellers

by Sam Wakoba
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OLX-Free-ClassifiedsSince our last post on selling on OLX many have been asking us whether its better for them to sell online or to just a get a middle-man they know to help them sell their second-hand wares in their houses.

It’s a sweet debate because we always seem to win as they all agree in the power of the internet to reach masses at once and on the power of marketing that OLX has done across the country.

So today, we shall try and break down a few reasons why selling online is better and why the middle-man or those mali-mali guys are making a killing out of your wares.

Sell to your neighbours
When you go to OLX, you realize it’s location-based, meaning users can buy or sell to people near them. This makes it even easier and ends the need for users to travels away to meet buyers of their items. The location-based feature is also important for safety as it will help the sellers give  a special focus on their location, where they probably know people or are known.

Free advertising

Instead of paying noticeboards and other sites which charge for ads, OLX is free and does the advertising for you to its milions of users. As a seller you won’t be spendig nay money on advertising or even travelling to a shopping centre to pay for a noticeboard.

OLX also runs its own marketing campaigns which are  highly significant and will help all their sellers get buyers minus spending their own money or even the need to start or run a website. The guaranteed exposure and rapid results, free classifieds ads generate the customers you need for your business to maintain its prosperity.

Sell in bulk

You can sell more stuff online on OLX without leaving your house or office and just sit and wait for a call. OLX doesn’t charge you for space and allows you to sell in bulk, even helps you with the postings if they are really many and the good news you can post in as many categories as possible. Most of the middle-men however only sell one particular item and will want to buy a car from you if theu sell cars and then invite others who deal in computers or mobile phones on their own. This might cause losses to the seller as they most of them might undecharge you thinking you are desparate.
olx mobile


OLX is available around the clock and you can post to sell inthe morning or at night even while you are in bed with pyjamas. This comes with great freedom and fun unlike Mali-mali guys knocking at your door at seven in the morning. The are several languages too-in the Kenyan case Swahili is available for use and you don’t have to fumble with English, if you are not conversant with it.

There is also a huge inventory available from as many categories and locations as you wish. So you can sell to anyone. There great inventor is good for sellers as they can compare prices and offer deals on their items to sell them quickly.


OLX is free, accessing or posting. You don’t have to download anything or pay for monthly user fees like markets. The apps are free for those who want to download them and even the technology is free and sellers don’t have to figure out anything, as OLX explains how it works in a few single steps.

Choice of buyers

Online means a seller can give more detailed information of their items such as photos, location, price among others, this pulls in a greater choie of buyers than just your friends in the hood. Items with great imagery can interest buyers from as far as possible. The choice of buyers gives the seller a better position to sell their item as the buyers might not meet each like on a market or if they were mali-mali middlement.

Offer better deals

Sellers online can also offer better deals to their regular buyers as the cost of selling their items is zero neither is their any budget for advertising or marketing as OLX has its own professional team doing that. The online seller has powerful marketing tools at his or her disposal and has no reason to ad a middleman’s cut, therefore lower prices and maximum profit.
Repeat business

OLX can be used as repeat business for just any seller, welcoming buyers to their online accounts instead of having middle-men visit them. This saves money for the buyers and makes them regular customers as long as the sellers maintain their quality.
Quick money
While waiting for someone to buy your wares gives you hope, OLX is onLine and instant and users have access to quick money even for emergencies. Students, farmers, housewives can use the site to sell their old appliances and machnery to buy new ones. This is a win-win for both. There is a guaranteed money from old products and newer products again on the site.
Saves time
Sellers save time and money by just comparing prices from their mobile phones and fixing the prices to their own items becomes easy. For buyers, it also saves time and money as one decides earlier what they are going to buy depending on the quality and price. The more the options, the better and because some of the sellers are busy in their day jobs, selling online makes more sense that looking for a middle-man who will need an appointment to physicallly visit homes or offices. It easy to pick a call, connect with a buyer for coffee and the item is sold than other methods.

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