ChamaSoft Wins IBM Smartcamp Nairobi

Martin Njuguna, founder Digital Vision EA


Chamasoft, a platform that automates all activities in for local investment groups has won IBM Smartcamp Nairobi in a move that will see it compete against other regional winners in South Africa then in London.

Chamasoft beat Tenacle Saas,a merchant solution merging multiple payment channels and Synacor Consortiom’s  water management solution that enables efficient day to day water management.

Speaking to TechMoran Martin Njuguna, founder of Digital Vision EA,the firm behind Chamasoft said, “We are really grateful for being selected to participate in this program. We have learned alot, received feedback from the panel of judges and from the audience and we are even going to make our services even better for our customers. This win is their win.”

IBM’s Smartcamp Nairobi was hosted by day Tech4Africa which brought people in tech to learn, get inspired and meet new people in the industry. Running in Nairobi, Lagos, Capetown and Johannesburg, Tech4Africa aims to inspire progress, great content spread and have work turned to fun.

Chamasoft is popular because it ensures complete automation of records management from members to financial institutions and helps users access bank summary, total contribution summary including bar charts of income, expenses, deposits and withdrawal making the app simple to use.

Chamasoft was part of the top 40 DEMO Africa finalists, won at Pivot East and is expecting to Win at Seedstarts Nairobi this Thursday.