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CEO Weekends: WorldCup boosts e-commerce in Nigeria

by Susan Mwenesi
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 With the world cup taking much of the world’s attention until the 13th of July, Nigerians are moving in to cash in on the action on their e-commerce platforms  and this includes customizing their logos while  specialized categories, landing pages and slider banners in order to sell sporting items and promote world cup products which have been a fast sell this season.

Online market place,, says that social media engagement in the first week of the world cup was recorded at a Facebook reach of over 250,000 people and this included using social media engagement such as football trivia, match predictions and soccer teasers to actively engage the online community of e-commerce platforms as well as increase their reach and fan base.

There has also been an active visual promotion of sporting items on social media as another effective marketing tool during the World Cup.

“e-commerce platforms in Nigeria have also gone ahead and come up with viewing centres for the fans who did not have the opportunity to travel to Brazil for their favorite games.While the viewing center isn’t a new football marketing initiative, it is however one of the most successful, with fans not giving up the opportunity to watch the match with fellow fans and friends in a highly charged atmosphere.

BRAZIL 2014E-commerce sites like got even more creative with the initiative by organizing a viewing center for the Nigerian matches that enabled fans watch the match in the company of their favorite celebrities, such as Reminisce and Olamide.


There has also been the creation of engaging and funny world cup promotional videos that create a form of affiliation to their brand and engage their online community.


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