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Ethiopian University Enrols Students for Footwear Engineering

by Caroline Vutagwa
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Addis Ababa Science and Technology University (AASTU) is starting a new undergraduate programme called Footwear engineering course.

The program is set to begin in the 2014/2014 academic year. The curriculum is developed by the Leather Industries Development Institute (LIDI).

This is not the only art course the university is offering, it also has an undergraduate programme in leather processing; which also include tanning and crusting raw leather.

Wondu Legesse, Director General of LIDI, noted the new program to be launched by AASTU is going to be an addition to the field and there will be more courses to follow in other higher learning institutions.

It will be a five-year program out of which the two years will be spent on theoretical studies and the rest on practical training. On the first round, the Institute will accept 25 students.

However, Wondu noted the programme is under observation and depending on the results they will reduce the theoretical period to one year and make the practical lessons four years and will increase the intake.

LIDI prepared the curriculum in collaboration with Indian experts from Central Leather Research institute (CLRI) and Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI) based on the experiences of Indian Universities.

Graduates of the program will be equipped with the skills to manufacture finished and value added leather products, such as shoes, gloves and garment products.

Currently the Institute has 32 masters and six PhD holders in footwear engineering.

According to the Corporation Communication Director at the Institute, Berihanu Serjabo, AASTU approved the curriculum three weeks ago.

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