Unveil Africa Wants to be an AngelList for African Startups


Animals-Africa-wildlife-giraffes-trees-sky-photo-evening-sun-sunsetThe world wants to know about startups in Africa and VC4Africa, IdeasAfrica,  AfricanUp, and several others have been making these happen but seems there can never be enough of such platforms.

Unveil Africa has launhed in Nigeria to be “Africa’s own “AngelList”, where impressive, promising and fast growing African online startups (web &mobile) can showcase their products, team and company facts, for easy access by angel investors, venture capitalists and startup incubators.”

Founded by Dara Adenekan, the platform already has a number of startups from around Africa and is calling for more to join the platform so they can showcase their businesses to the world.

“Due to the mammoth nature of startups sprawled all over the continent, we are making it easier for serious investors to find and get a snapshot view of any African startup, by profiling and unveiling the necessary facts most needed by investors in making investment decisions,” Adenekan says.

For that reason, Adenekan says he’s inviting Founders/Co-founders of African startups to enlist on the platform and meet their rich portfolio of serious investors looking to invest in serious African startups, this year and beyond. The first 10 ‘Enlisting Requests’ received will be offered their Premium Enlisting Plan for FREE.

Apart from just listing startups, the platform also has startup events and stories which tell the story of how the startups began and their future plans. The platform also has a jobs section to allow startups list their vacant positions. Though Unveil Africa has not disclosed how many investors are using the platform, we believe the online platform is open to the world and anyne can see them. We are also not sure what they offer under their premium listing.