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GrowthAfrica & Uhasibu Partner to End Accounting Software Piracy Among Struggling Startups

Patricia Jumi - MD GrowthAfrica, Michael Perdesen CEO Uhasibu and Angela Nzioki Sales and Marketing Manager Uhasibu
Patricia Jumi – MD GrowthAfrica, Michael Perdesen CEO Uhasibu and Angela Nzioki Sales and Marketing Manager Uhasibu

With over 80 start-ups and over 140 graduates GrowthAfrica has signed a deal with will end the use of pirated accounting software among startups, especially those bootsrapping.

The firm has partnered with Uhasibu, a local entreprise software developer to give GrowthAfrica’s startups free MiniERP online accounting software for six months and thereafter get it at a subsidized fee, dedicated service and product & financial and accounting training with Uhasibu leaders. The financial details of the deal were not disclosed. The deal means Uhasibu will save it’s customer acquisition budget and time.

 “Many SMEs operate without keeping books the first few years, relying on the cash/bank balance to determine the business progress,” said Michael Pedersen, CEO, Uhasibu. “Our partnership with GrowthAfrica exemplifies Uhasibu’s vision to support East African SMEs with management tools to help free up otherwise strained resources that can be re-deployed to the business for the their growth.”

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“We are extremely pleased to work more closely with Uhasibu to strengthen our startups’ financial management systems, said Patricia Jumi, MD, GrowthAfrica.” This partnership underlines GrowthAfrica’s commitment to provide entrepreneurs with the very resources they require to grow their ventures into strong commercial businesses.”

On the launch of MiniERP, Uhasibu said most business owners treat accounts or books as the accountant’s domain and are not bothered about the nitty gritty of their business books, which is the most important thing for their business. The firm also found out thatmost founders are so busy inoovating and have no time to run their firms management modules. Therefore MiniERP, a management package was launched to help business owners manage their business not just their books.

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The cloud based financial management package works both online and offline and allows one to completely make their business easily and without a huge budget. MiniERP is also integrated with Uhasibu and business owners can take advantage of the affordable service to run their accounting and management processes on the go, simply.


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