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How women make use of social media to con men

Today, men have turned out to be more unpredictable and slippery when it comes to establishing long-lasting relationships, and with the philosophy of money first then love later, some men find it onerous engaging in committal love affairs.

With this in mind, some women look for alternative methods of slipping into the well-protected wallets of stingy men. According to a survey, social media users, particularly some women, are seeking clever means of getting money by tempting unsuspecting men into their traps.

Flooding of Social media such as Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Badoo and Skype into the market has assisted most women to con unsuspecting men huge amounts of cash as well as cleaning their victim’s bank accounts.

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According to Clance Ruhamba, a Dar es Salaam lawyer, the women take advantage of men’s weakness — where a beautiful woman requests for friendship in any social media site. After they hooked up they begin asking for money. However, after they are given  the money, they stop communicating and prey on other victims.

“Imagine one woman receiving money from two men daily, it means that it has turned out to be a profitable business,” Ruhamba added.

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Jason Amir, a victim who was conned KSh500,000, stated: “Make sure that you do not believe what anyone tells you online. These scammers do not care what they do to get money or how much it costs you; the only thing they believe is that if you are stupid enough to fall into their trap then you deserve it. So do not let this happen to you.”

These women come in many disguises and some will even agree to meet their “new love” personally though eventually if you are clever you will realize that they are only after your cash.

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