Monday, August 8, 2022
Monday, August 8, 2022
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#OccupyJamboJet Reponds to the Sudden Change of Terms & Conditions

by Sam Wakoba
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This weekend, Jambojet changed the competitions terms and conditions suddenly and quietly without informing participants who went on Twitter shitstorm claiming the firm was rigging in favour of its own teams.
The#Occupyjambojet had launched simply as a campaign to see the best team gang up 100 people as first as possible for an all expense paid trip down to the coast. The firm however encountered some hitches leading it to change some of the terms and conditions, to make the sign up process easier for everyone, participants thought otherwise though.
In a statement to TechMoran, Jambojet said,”On Friday night, we encountered numerous timeouts on the app caused by a variety of factors i.e. app to website integration as well as some Twitter API complications. Participants had to constantly refresh their browser to get past every step, right from registration. Consequently, we decided to move the app onto a new domain ( with an independent server.”
The firm added, that it also discovered that the Twitter Authorization rate had been a limit to the application and a huge number of those who could have entered the competition on Friday could not get on board. The app limit had also caused some manifests to register some crew accounts multiple times and the firm cleaned out the duplicates.
To avoid similar situations, #OccupyJamboJet spread out the maximum number of users participants could add per day while still remaining within the time limits of the campaign. Thus allowing only users to add up to 25 people on Friday, up to 35 on Saturday, up to 45 on Sunday, up to 65 on Monday, up to 85 on Tuesday and up to 99 on Wednesday.
Due to this changes, the firm elaborated the terms and conditions to reflect the adjustments.
All manifests were also standardized to reflect the new daily limits. This combination of actions resulted in a complete elimination of the previously reported session time outs that had initially impeded mass user participation. Nothing is/has been manipulated and no participant has received any preferential advantage as a result of this. All users that registered are still on the system. All captains can still view all the users who are pending on their manifests at all times.  

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