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Kijicho App Registers 1500 Public Service Vehicles to Enhance Road Safety

by Sam Wakoba
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IMG-20140719-WA0006Do you take public transport? If you do have you ever wanted to say something to fellow passengers, the bus company or operator, or the authorities about something you don’t like on the buses?
Launched late last year, Kijicho App enables users post videos, photos, recorded audio or simple text to bus owners or operators and as well access comments and ratings submitted by other passengers in the same bus by simply punching in the registration number of the vehicle to sign up and post or rate their experiences. “We’re working hard to get owners and operators onto the platform so that they can respond to user complaints and comments. Meanwhile, user feedback about their travel experiences will be useful to others, so do extend the same generosity,” Bernad Adongo of NikoHapa Ventures, the firm behind Kijicho told TechMoran.

The app allows post text, pictures, audio, video, Twitter, SMS among other value added services from network providers.

KijichApp Adongo told TechMoran that Kijicho now has a new user interface that enhances the user experience, has added the jibambe: Unlock Convenience which network provider services such as Credit Balance, Internet Bundles, Mpesa, and even sending Bulk SMS.

The firm has also signed up over 1500 publci service vehicles and have signed up two partners with over 100 buses each. Embassava Sacco has 160 buses while MetroTrans Sacco has 100 buses.

“Embassava and MetroTrans SACCOS have a Customized version of the App and Web portal through which they can see all posts done by passengers in their vehicle and be able to interact and respond to the passengers immediately making their services safer and comfortable,” said Adongo. “Other bus companies ( DoubleM, KBS, MOA, Nairobi Shuttle etc ) are also pretty much on board since they have the in bus posters that enable the passengers to know the registration details on the vehicles they are in.”
The firm is also in talks with Red Cross so as they receive and act on its Critical user feed e.g. in case of an accident for instance.
The App is currently available on the web, Android with Windows and IOS versions under development.
UserTestimonialGrl.nxt.door one of the users posted, “@TheNyatti other than jibambe kijichapp is a cool app for
updating guys on whats happening on the road plus it taught me to take
note of the fleet and reg notes of the mats incase anything were to
happen while on transit. so im one happy user :-))”
With over 3000+ posts, Kijicho App users can post in 3 categories; SOCIAL ie General chats ranging from traffic updates, music to football; OWNER ie When reporting incidences of misconduct or mishandling by the PSV crew and CRITICAL ie When reporting serious incidences like accidents, hijacking and so on. Kijicho joins Ma3Route to help road users and vehicle owners/operators safe time, money and above al lives!


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