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Burundi commissions the Bujumbura Metropolitan Area Network installations


Data-center-11The Government of Burundi in conjunction with Huawei and Onatel officially commission the Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) project installations for Bujumbura.

The Bujumbura MAN project is as a result of a grant from the Government of the People’s Republic of China to the people of Burundi. The project shall be installed by Huawei Technologies Company Limited and is to run through the Bujumbura city.

The aim of the MAN project is to implement basic infrastructure for interconnecting government institutions expecting to carry out various applications to be deployed in the future

This project shall implement an optical fiber network and other infrastructure; to provide broadband connectivity to Burundi ministries and government institutions such as presidencies, parliament, senate, court, hospitals to mention but a few. This ICT infrastructure shall lead to radial changes such as reducing administrative possess, increase productivity, reduce operations costs, attracting more investors and improve service delivery to citizens and business communities.

These radial changes shall be in key areas such as; government communication systems, national data center, national ID management, public finance management system and human resource management.

The Metropolitan Area Network infrastructure shall also be an important platform for communication needs especially in providing e-governance interaction platforms; Government to Government, Government to Business and Government to Citizens.

‘Huawei looks forward to grow with the Government of Burundi and its people; it’s the reason we have all gathered here to kick start a new technological revolution that will hasten Social-economic development in this country’, says Mr. Radoslaw Kedzia, the CEO of Huawei Technologies Uganda, Burundi.