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PostCodeFX Wants to Solve Kenya’s Postal Addressing Problem

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il_fullxfull.243702608It’s so easy to get lost in Nairobi even if you had the complete map of the city, as new developments are coming every other day and most of the roads are not named. Additionally, postal addressing combined with a GPS coordinate makes location services more efficient in the physical world and this is not expensive.
In the effort to bridge the Internet and physical world, a team of young Kenyans studying in the UK have developed a postal addressing system in PostCodeFX that can be adapted to any region in the world at a lower cost. The students aim believe their postal addressing system can set the foundation for a proper modern Physical Addressing System in Kenya which is currently lacking.In an email to TechMoran, JNarok Technologies, CTO Aqinin Kinyanjui, they developed a postal addressing system in a move to solve the lack of physical addressing in Kenya.
The system can be used by emergency services, businesses and even the government to set up a proper physical addressing system so users can locate call outs in areas unknown and as well help the business community reduce the cost of dispatching goods and services to their customers.
“Our postal addressing system solves these and many other related physical addressing problems. The system enables all interested parties to access the same standard physical addresses of all locations within a set boundary. The system encourages street naming; it is flexible to physical administrative boundary changes; the resultant postal address is simple and easy to use thus enabling easy adoption by the populace,” he wrote.

PostCodeFX includes a Street name, Postal Area name, Postal Zone name, Postal Code, andthe GPS Longitude and Latitude of every street in Nairobi county that has a generated Postal Code currently in their database. This helps one to locate wherever they are going easily and fast.


Another Kenyan starup, OkHi is building the next generation address system to unlock commerce through enhanced logistics, save lives through improved emergency services and grow access to finance through better personal identification. The Nairobi based company wants to solve the lack of physical address system in Kenya and beyond and in July won Seedstarts Nairobi.

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The two firms will help save build e-commerce in Africa which is broken due to lack of proper addressing systems.

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Sam Wakoba
Sam Wakoba
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