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CEO Weekends: Kenya’s Final Digital Migration Deadline Set for Dec 30

by Sam Wakoba
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After announcing recently that digital migration in Kenya was on course, Kenya has now set Dec 30th as the deadline for Nairobi to move from analogue to digital and 30th January for the rest of the country.

In a recent sitting, the Cabinet was informed that the country is now ready to under godigital migration after the local media houses were given digital transmission licenses yesterday.

Cabinet noted that Kenya had delayed a lot in the process of migration from Analogue to Digital Television Broadcasting. In this regard, Cabinet approved the switch to digital television broadcasting in Nairobi commencing 30th December, 2014 and 30th January, 2015 for the rest of the country.

 The Cabinet Secretary for Information, Communications and Technology was asked to commence the digital migration process immediately. Separately the Cabinet directed the Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Information, Communications and Technology to immediately commence a consultative review of the legislative framework in thecommunication sector with a view to enforcing prudent, equitableand a pragmatic sharing of the national communication resource.

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