Nigeria’s wants to be the ‘Facebook’ for all Nigerian universities


voissa[A Nigerian Engineering student has launched Voissapp, a Facebook-like platform for university students in Nigeria, aimed at helping students to communicate amongst themselves and share knowledge and skills on campuses.

Currently being piloted at Obafemi Awolowo University , Voissap aims to be the biggest social netowrk for universities in the country.

Speaking to TechMoran, Kelvin Umechukwu, Voissapp co-founder said, “You connect with your class mates, course reps, lecturers and also get to see campus news. You can sign up on the platform but you have to register as an OAU student. We just released the web and will release the android app in a week. We are still adding some features which will increase the “likability” of the platform and give a better experience to users. We will be adding more universities soon but we will need a lot of traction”

According to Umechukwu, Voissapp will not only help in information dissemination but will also help students  communicate with one another, upload and download documents like pdf, mp4, mp3, doc etc. receive posts from class representatives and lecturers and also be able to view latest campus news.

Students can post gists for everyone to view, comment on posts, be closer to their classmates by viewing and commenting on posts of their classmates and class representatives, view and comment on campus news. VOISS app notifies you online and even offline when you subscribe for the sms platform. This keeps you connected with you course mates and information all around you.

We will be upgrading the service to give you a value for your time, we will be adding new features soon like, forums and chat features. We hope you have a lovely time on the platform and you invite your friends from your different social media, instant messaging platforms and different universities, polytechnics and colleges of education.

Nigeria has a commanding 67 million internet users and growing at a steady rate of 16% in the last one year has a lot of potential for all web based product. It’s still early to speculate but I’m keeping my eyes open for this market and so are most foreign investors.