CEO Weekends: Telco customers in Kenya making a killing from data bundles resale


Intel_LNV_32Data bundles customers are currently making a killing from data bought in bulk from Telcos then re-sold to subsequent users in small units, a move that now leading telecom Safaricom wants to curb by cutting the number of times one can share bundles from their SIM card.

The Business daily reports that Safaricom has moved in to stop resale of its bundles by cutting the number of times a SIM card can share data bundles to 20 per month down from 50.

Those doing the business use online channels to sell their bundles at lower prices thayn those bought from Telcos  and are paid using mobile money.

“We introduced the new guideline in response to changing usage trends by our customer base,” said Safaricom corporate affairs director Nzioka Waita in a response to the Business Daily query.

The Sambaza Internet services was introduced in February 2013 and thus made it possible for customers to send between five megabytes and two gigabytes data bundles to other users.