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Truecaller Launches New Version of iOS App, Adds New Search Widget to Simplify Missed Call Lookup

by Susan Mwenesi
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Truecaller, has announced the launch of the new Truecaller on iOS bringing an entirely new design to the free Truecaller app and adds the new feature “Truecaller Widget Search” that focuses on convenience and simplifies the process of looking up a missed call.

Truecaller is home to more than 100 million users globally, who use the service to identify unknown numbers, block unwanted calls, and find the right contact information for people and businesses you want to connect with. The app looks to solve a huge pain point for millions of consumers who use their phonebook on a daily basis, but often need to go outside of their existing phone book manager to find useful information.

Using a proprietary search technology and social graph, the latest Truecaller experience combines hundreds of different sources such as Yelp!, and other social networks to help you access current information and contact profiles across all your preferred platforms and devices. With a more simplified way to search for contacts, look up missed calls, and one swipe ability to place calls and send texts, staying in touch with those you want to connect with is easier than ever before.

“We want to streamline and personalize the experience for our users as much as possible and a smarter design was essential to improving the experience,” said Alan Mamedi, co-founder and CEO of Truecaller. “This is the next big step we’re taking to increase the utility of our app, while helping the iOS community save time with tools they need to identify unknown numbers. We think the new Truecaller will improve the way millions of people use the service every day, and based on some of the great feedback we’ve had so far, we’re confident that we’re moving in the right direction toward our next 100 million users.”

1_truecaller-iphone-searchThe new Truecaller for iOS includes Truecaller Widget Search, Complete Contact Profiles, Smarter Search and Discovery and you can also easily Place Calls and Send Texts: A new user interface makes staying connected easier than ever before. Once a user profile is pulled, you just need to swipe left to place a call or text. This one-step process makes it so easy, you can stay in touch faster and more conveniently.

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