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Ghana’s Flippy Campus launches to connect students to replace the campus notice board

by Sam Wakoba
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flippyGetting info on most campuses in Africa is an offline thing. You have to be on campus checking notice board to notice board. This might not be the best way of passing info especially in this internet age.

A group university Students in Ghana have built a mobile application called Flippy Campus to help them access and share relevant university information easily and at no cost.

According to David Mumuni, the app developer, Flippy Campus was inspired after he missed a quiz because he forgot the due date even though he was on campus every other day.

“With the app, students can join specific notice boards on campuses so that when information is posted on these notice boards, they are notified,” Mumuni told TechMoran. “Flippy Campus app is a custom notice board for mobile. Students can access their timetables, get reminders and examination notices through the app.”

Unveiled 6 days ago at the University of Ghana, the app has already garnered  close to 1,000 downloads in 6 days and Mumuni says the students are using the application primarily to share information of course registration, gossip as well as events happening on campus.


“On the Valentine’s day; over 300 students used the app to find out what events were happening and where to hang out with their loved ones said the developer adding that after Android app, Windows Phone, iOS and Blackberry versions are coming as well as a mobile site for both desktop and mobile users.

Mumuni’s main task now is signing up users in various universities in Ghana and then spread across the region.



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