Kenya’s ZuriPay Launches to End the PayPal-Equity Bank Delay


11060865_1574203306189323_2307320870372924060_nKenya’s ZuriPay, has launched to allow users in Kenya to wasily withdraw their cash from PayPal to their mobile money wallets with ease, ending the week long wait users experience through Equity Bank similar deal with PayPal.

Speaking to TechMoran, Robert Mutinda, the developer said, “The E-Wallet allows Mpesa and Airtel Money users to withdraw money from PayPal to their mobile money accounts instantly. We intend to add more services to the E-Wallet as time goes by. The ZuriPay Withdrawal Service allows Kenyan Paypal account holders to withdraw funds from their paypal accounts into their respective mobile money account. ”

The platform requires users to list their Mpesa Account number and Paypal Email address. After saying how much they want out of their PayPal account in KSH, ZuriPay does all the shitty work and sends the money to one’s Mpesa Account in 5-10 minutes minus a small fee as their commission.

ZuriPay also promises the best exchange rates in town by far. TechMoran will give you the detailed ZuriPay story in a moment.

See below how it works.