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Matiangi to inaugurate Taskforce on Broadcast regulations tomorrow

by Susan Mwenesi
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A taskforce that will seek to look into the matter of the broadcast regulations still at the draft stage will be inaugurated tomorrow by Cabinet Secretary of Information Communication Technology Dr. Fred Matiangi.

Matiangi revealed this at the opening of the Communications Authority ICT forum week held in Nairobi today.

Although he did not divulge the composition of the taskforce, Matiangi said that the taskforce will look at the regulations in relation, content and so on.

“The new broadcast regulations calls for participation from all stakeholders, we are going to ensure that all views are taken in,” said Matiangi.

The new broadcast regulations are in line with the Kenya Information and Communications Act 1998, as amended (the “Act”) and the Kenya Information and Communications (Broadcasting) Regulations, 2009 that requires the CA  to prescribe a Programming Code for free-to-air radio and television services setting out standards for the time and manner of programmes to be broadcasted by licensed broadcasters under the Act.

Section 46H (d) of the Act mandates the Authority to ensure compliance to the Programming Code prescribed under the Act. This code is to be known as the Kenya Programming Code for Free-to-air Radio and Television (the “Programming Code” or the “Code”).

Matters of family programming, news and public affairs, news sources, interviews, news gathering, sensationalism, election reporting, personal attacks have been incorporated by the rules.

Basically, the new regulations propose that broadcasting in Kenya should reflect the national values, aspirations, hopes and dreams of Kenyans; Broadcasting is regarded as a powerful medium for influencing culture, beliefs and values as well as a tool for economic growth and development;  Broadcasting has an immediate and lasting impact on the public and therefore demands that its practitioners display a high sense of responsibility, morality, fairness and honesty at all times.

“Broadcasting services are expected to uphold the values and customs of civilized society, maintain the respect of the rights and sensitivities of all people, preserve the honour and sanctity of the families and homes, protect the sacredness of individual dignity, and promote national unity and cohesion,” read part of the regulations.


The taskforce could help stall the looming confrontation between broadcasters and the CA after the latter through Editors guild vowed to fight them as they infringed on their broadcasting functions.

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