8 Apps That Every Career Woman And Mother Should Get




Technology is meant to make your life easier. I strongly believe that there is no point of having a smartphone and not utilizing it. A smartphone should be like your assistant that helps you juggle all your responsibilities accordingly. As a woman it is only natural that you want to be on top of things and have a balanced life. Although many times women lag behind when it comes to their devices; using whatsapp and facebook is not enough. Below are some apps that you need to either download or start using if you want to make your life easier.

  1. Cozi family organizer: This app helps you and your family gets organized. No more forgetting events or reminding your spouse about your plans. This app creates a shared calendar that would hold down your shopping list, to-do list and helps you structure your family life.
  2. Food meal planner: Surprise your family with new recipes and throw away the old monotonous one. This app gives you ideas on what you can cook every day. These meals are usually easy to follow so don’t worry too much about the ingredients.
  3. Google drive: Save your phone storage and start using the 20GB free storage on Google drive. Save your videos and photos on the drive, this way you will be sure to have your data safe and backed up.
  4. Pocket: If you don’t like spending most of your time on social media then this app saves your time. It allows you to store articles you saw but didn’t get time to read earlier. It also allows you to read articles from social media that other people have recommended for you. This way you can filter articles you don’t like.
  5. Office remote: Isn’t it amazing that you don’t always need a computer or laptop to view documents? This app permits you to open all documents such as pdf, word or excel. Depending on your phone some even have more software that allows you to create documents as well.
  6. Period tracker: Tired of not knowing your cycle? Period tracking apps always know when your next period is, when you’re fertile or ovulating. This is especially convenient for someone who wants to conceive or not.
  7. Lose it: If you would like to lose some weight and save money, download an app that suits you. There are apps that can calculate how many calories you have lost at a particular time and monitor your diet as well as workout schedule. You can always get a health app that can change your life if you are committed.
  8. Hello food: There are days that cooking doesn’t come naturally. These are the days you want to see food delivered at your doorstep. Apps such as hello food have different restaurants that you can order from and deliver right at your door step.

Have an adventure with your devices. When buying any device take time to understand its functions and just how much you can do with it. It can literally change your life if used appropriately.