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What to expect if you ditch Microsoft office for LibreOffice

by Vanessa Waithera
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I have known nothing more than Microsoft Office for the longest time now.   But since I decided to try other office suites I realized just how easy it can be to turn away from Microsoft office. Although most people still prefer their Microsoft office. The familiarity that Microsoft office has in many platforms has made it hard to move from Microsoft Office. One of the most popular packages that people have been buying is commonly known as LibreOffice . People who made the switch from Microsoft to LibreOffice compared the two and made their pros and cons.


Many critics complained that LibreOffice had an interface that was old-fashioned while it lacked the ability to sync documents to the cloud. At the same time other critics had the fear of incompatibility with Microsoft office. But despite the challenges, there are still ways on how businesses can ease their transition to LibreOffice. For starters any kind of change is usually resisted. Whether you plan on shifting as an individual or as a company ensure that is done with time. The best thing is to use a free document at first as a pilot study. So what do you need to do before making the move?


  1. Check compatibility with in-house software: If you choose to migrate to LibreOffice then it would be wise to check for any potential compatibility issues.
  2. If in a company, give your staff time and training: Since LibreOffice has been said to have an old interface it would need some time to get used to it. Fortunately, LibreOffice has similarities Microsoft Office 2003.
  3. Connect LibreOffice to the cloud: despite the fact that LibreOffice does not have availability of documents in other devices, they have a solution. They have services that will allow you to edit LibreOffice files in a browser, sync these files between machines and can be easily shared with other users.


From my own experience LibreOffice has served me best when it’s used on a phone. You can get it particularly well using OPEN365, which provides full access of email, calendar and contacts. Files can be synced across devices using SeaFile.

This setup would be perfect for those who want a change from Microsoft office .

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