How is the new Samsung smart fridge?



Samsung has launched a new smart fridge that is the best- looking and most fully featured fridge that the world has ever seen. It is quite evident that appliance makers must have everything connected to the net. This is why Samsung created a smart fridge that is a camera-equipped refrigerator that is meant to make a fridge more exciting. Although to most people this may be an irrelevant advancement, having a fridge that function exactly like a phone may be just what some people need. The fridge is called the Family Hub and when you look at it, it’s a reflection of your phone.

When activated the screen becomes a shared space for posting digital sticky notes and on the same screen you can watch videos, photos and television. Samsung has been known for their massive touchscreen fridges in the past but never before have we had a fridge that now has apps. You may wonder which app would be useful on a fridge? Well the fridge has apps that let you know when your groceries are running low. The best feature on the smart fridge is the camera. When the camera is connected to your smartphone it allows you to view your fridge from wherever you are. This would mean that while you’re out shopping you do not have any excuse to forget your groceries as you can see what is in your fridge. Another fascinating feature is the food reminder. The food reminder basically informs you about your food expiration date and does a countdown for you. That would mean that you should use the food within the countdown. Although it is not the first fridge with a camera it is definitely the first to have well functioning apps that are user friendly as well as effective. For most families though, buying a smart fridge that has all those features is still not the major priority. Other companies still produce smart refrigerators that are not as expensive as the Family Hub.