Equity Bank unveils new Banking Services for Customers


The Equity Group has unveiled new digital services for its customers targeted at enabling its customers open new accounts in a more convenient way

Customers will access the new services through a mobile app that will also let them pay bills, buy and sell shares, buy insurance and apply for loans

The bank elected to increases its digital offering instead of expanding its brick and mortar side of business because of the rapidly changing lifestyle of their consumers, which has seen many of them prefer digital banking as opposed to going to conduct business physically at the banks.

“Today we announce the death of brick and mortar for transactions in banking,” said Mr. Mwangi at a press briefing.

Mwangi was, however, quick to assure the public that the move to digitise operations will not result in job losses in any of its branches in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo.James Mwangi Equity Bank CEO