This new smart plug blocks out unwanted noises



If you are used to using earplugs to block out noise, well then smart plugs are what you need. A new high tech gadget is out that has promised to help you have a quiet night. This new gadget claims to be able to create a “bubble” of noise canceling sound in your room. This may seem like just another device produced to make money, but at the same time it would be quite helpful for people suffering from insomnia or related sleep issues. It is a well-known fact that sleep is not only something that is wanted but needed as well as a sign of good health.


Due to the overwhelming diseases that people suffer from like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, obesity and depression this new device was created. It is now known as the Nightingale and it is said to create a better sleeping environment for people with such problems. Whether you have wooden floors or an echo in your room the smart sleep system masks out any noises to help you rest. Your walls can even be utilized to reflect perfect sound blanket system into the space from two different units, each with two speakers.

If at other times, you just need a soothing environment, then nightingale can play any nature sounds for you so that you are at ease. The gadget can be controlled using an iOS, Android mobile apps or a web browser from any PC. You can switch it on before bedtime and through your settings it will automatically switch off just before you wake up. Nightingale has two speakers and 15 different sounds to choose from, so it also doesn’t get too monotonous. The speakers allows the device to create uniform, even sound coverage and ensures the brain cannot localize the source of the sound while you’re sleeping.