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DeliveryBros; Nigeria’s On Demand Delivery Network

DeliveryBros, founded by Abiodun Abbey, is an online platform that supports intra-city logistics by matching SMEs, online retailers and individuals with the nearest dispatch on it’s network to pick-up within minutes and deliver their packages.

DeliveryBros as an on-demand hyperlocal delivery platform provides pickup and drop off services for individuals, retailers, sellers and merchants. DeliveryBros provides 3 Hours express delivery within Lagos and Abuja, with Pick-Up time as fast as 45 minutes using licensed motorbikes avoiding the immense Lagos Traffic and offering fast delivery services with coordinated routing technology.

Merchants can request for a bros (A DeliveryBros rider is called a “Bros”) via whatsapp, call, live chat or via our web interface. Once they get a request, they immediately assign the nearest Bros to go pick-up and deliver whatever item the merchant wants to deliver.

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They are focused on using motorbikes so as to beat the intense traffic in Lagos and so as to ensure prompt delivery of goods as well as increase customer satisfaction. They have discovered that the main reasons for rejections and returns in e-commerce is mainly due to slow or late delivery, so we have taken it upon ourselves to solve this problem.

This business came out from our previous business where they were helping merchants sell on major Nigerian online marketplaces, we discovered that the main problem was not getting products online but order fulfilment and slow payout of proceeds from goods sold to merchants. Merchants need their products delivered and their money paid to them quickly in order for them to plough back into the business. So we thought, why solve half the problem when we have enough experience and technical know-how to solve the full problem…so that was how deliverybros came about, where they pick-up ordered products from merchants and deliver instantly to their customers while ensuring they immediately make pay outs to our merchants within 24 – 48 hours of delivery.

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