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Qwikkly: On-demand Platform for Social Media Influencers in Nigeria

by Christie Uzebu
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For businesses, especially those that are gradually familiarising themselves with the digital world, finding social media influencers to help them promote a product/service, and drive sales can be quite challenging.

Qwikkly is here to to connect Nigerian businesses with the best social media influencers.

Launched on the 1st of March 2017, Qwikkly, is a marketplace that connects startups and businesses with social media influencers who can help them advertise their products and services for a small fee.

The startup negotiates deals with influencers thereby making it cost effective for startups to buy their service. According to the founder, Daniel Arbiton, “90% of startups fail because they lack customers, users or actual sales.”

Depending on the need of the brand, the platform deploys the best social media influencers to push clients’ brand to the limelight. “In just 3 steps, with social media influencers, advertise your product and services on their timeline and make more sales Qwikkly,” Daniel clarifies.

For Daniel, he seems to be trying his hands on different startups, probably waiting for the one that would be a big break, taking Nigeria by the storm. Qwikkly is coming on the heels of Jobhunters, which he launched in January 2017.

Qwikkly is taking advantage of the current trend – which is the evolving digital world. More and more means of advertsing are emerging for businesses, and the use of social-media influencers has been growing in Nigeria. So, we look forward to how Qwikkly would grow in the coming months.

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