Nigerians Can Now Locate Businesses Easily with Clobbit


Finding products/services you want to try out for the first time can be quite challenging, especially if you happen to be in a town/city that you are not quite familiar with. In the same vein, for a business owner, spreading words about your product or service for people requires a lot of hard-work.

But Clobbit wants to help.

Clobbit is a platform that enables individual businesses or services register to be located by potential customers or clients around them. It then utilises the GPS system of a user’s device to connect them to products or services they want to consume, starting from the closest location and expanding the scope of the search.

The founder, Felix O Ukwueze has tagged it ‘the perfect playground for consumers and producers’, as it also incorporates features like real-time chat, video/voice calls, enabling potentials customers to speak with business owners.

Speaking about Clobbit’s chances of gaining a stronghold of the market, Felix identifies 3 major competitors: BuyChat, which focuses only on market clusters; Vconnect, which is more web-based than mobile and; Yelp, which lacks a presence in Nigeria since it is based in Silicon Valley. But he believes his platform thrives on the gaps that these competitors have left, thereby creating a unique opportunity to gain traction and dominate the African market.

Clobbit is currently available on Android.