6GB RAM Samsung Galaxy S8, which retails at over $1,000, already sold out in South Korea


If you thought the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle would slow down the sales of the Galaxy S8, well you thought wrong. Samsung has been having a grand slam at its home country South Korea.
If you remember during the unveiling of the Galaxy S8, we mentioned that there would be a 6GB RAM version but only in select markets. South Korea and China are already confirmed to have it. Sales of this special version started 5 days ago with 150,000 units each priced at $1,020 (KES 102,000) each.
Despite being the most expensive Galaxy phone, all the units got sold out. Perhaps the free Samsung Dex station that comes free with each purchase boosted the sales; the Dex station normally retails at $150 (KES 15,000). Samsung plans on bringing the next batch at the end of May.
The standard Galaxy S8 and S8+ are also doing great. The duo has 550,000 units sold on the first two days after their launch in Korea. This record will make it the best selling Samsung Galaxy in history. The Galaxy Note 7 last year sold 300,000 units in its first two days. The Galaxy S7 only moved 100,000 units.
Samsung is yet to start sales in other countries, the US and other regions in the West are getting the device on the 21st of April. African countries will get it from May. Will the same sales momentum continues? It is very likely, Samsung is planning major marketing strategies to push the phone. The vigorous marketing has already started in South Korea and we can all see its results.