ImpartFund: Raise Funds for Your Needs within a Given Timeframe


It seems the idea of crowdfunding is gradually taking its stay in Nigeria, as Nigerian crowdfunding sites have begun to spring up.

Recently launched ImpartFund has joined the list of online startups enabling Nigerians to raise funds for critical needs.

The ImpartFund platform however comes with a twist, allowing people to raise financial support within a specific period of time.

Founded by Adekoya Samuel, and his partner,  on March 14, 2017, campaigns on the website run for various issues ranging from educational funding, medical bills footing, business idea funding, to any other pressing needs.

With ImpartFund, physical items can be auctioned/donated, and can donors to earn some money from their participation in campaigns. All these fulfill the ImpartFund’s tagline — “donations in cash, kind and items are accepted”.

With established competitors like Donate-ng and, Samuel doesn’t seem to be bothered, as he pegs their competitive edge on the platform’s extra features: items auditioning and earners donation.

ImpartFund might still be new, but there are several on-going and few closed campaigns listed on the website, which shows that they are pulling weight already.