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Jalo is Providing Businesses with Delivery Service

When it comes to sending and picking up goods, parcels and other items, there’s sometimes the challenge of making out time, especially for busy people. For a number of businesses that send out a lot of parcels and goods on a daily basis, they always have to resort to employing people to do all the running around that relates to delivery.

Jalo wants to help out, and make it possible for you to handle all your shipping and delivery needs on one platform.The platform was launched to be the easiest way to send anything anywhere.

Jalo offers three kinds of delivery services to meet the needs of various clients. There’s the Hyperlocal Delivery (within city deliveries), Long Distance Delivery (Nationwide and International Delivery) and Specialised Delivery (Time Sensitive and Critical Parcels).

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How it works? Users login to their dashboard, make a request, select the carrier they want to ship with, schedule a pick up and hit submit. A Jalo pickup agent arrives to pick up parcel for forwarding to chosen carrier. The platform also allows user to compare delivery time, costs, reliability score and quality rating for each carrier.

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