Booklify Launches to be a Community for Book Lovers

Launched on July 7, 2017 by Nathaniel Okwoli, Booklify is an online bookstore devoted to creating a global community of book lovers by encouraging our users to discuss and share their favourite books with their friends.

Users can sort books by categories, follow a particular author, write book reviews, share and recommend books to their circles (reading clubs/groups).

To enhance interaction within the online community,  the platform also has features that allow users create quotes, create conversational reviews, engage in direct messaging with other users and mention authors of interest in their newsfeed. On the other end, publishers promote their books can track their sales on their dashboard.

According to the Booklify team, “We believe in creating a platform to allow people connect and find books that matter the most to them. Booklify is about finding, reading interesting books and sharing your thoughts.”

With the platform, users can search for and find their favorite books in any category, publish or self-publish their books and gain access to a wide network of readers, meet new people and get book recommendations from friends.

Although, there’s a popular stereotype that Nigerians do not read, established online bookstores like Wattpad and Okadabooks prove that the reading culture of Nigerians have improved a great deal.

The Booklify team recognises this competition, and they believe that the social component of the platform, and strategic partnership with African global youth leaders would give them an edge.

In the words of the founder, “most Nigerian Authors find valuable a platform that they can publish their books, with efficient distribution and promotion of the books to a wider audience of readers. The social component of Booklify makes this achievable for authors.”