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Tecno BOOM J Series: the loudness to muteness metamorphosis

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The music seem to have been muted in Tecno’s Boom J series. What’s happening?

2015 saw Tecno Mobile pull a fast one on us all. The company gave the world a taste of something natural and different from what we had seen from her and other players in the African smartphone scene. It was something we didn’t quite forsee and BOOM! Like a club that hit the golf ball off the tee, the BOOM J series was volleyed into the clouds of welcoming Tecno fans, fanatics and loyalists.

With the BOOM series, Tecno had its beam on music lovers by providing a smartphone that not only does regular phone stuff, but also produce music the way song lovers want it. This, it achieved by basically improving the music and sound components of devices in this series through software and hardware integration.

For example, the Tecno Boom J7 smartphone, the pioneering member of the BOOM series shipped with a Full metal Hi-Fi headset with noise cancellation technology. This headset totally locks out the world and interfering sound from the environs. That’s right. Just you alone with in your world, with your thoughts… and your music.

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Tecno Boom J7

The Boom J7 also birthed Tecno’s native music player, Boom player which comes pre-installed with over 2,000 songs users of the Boom J7 can choose from. That’s not all. The J7’s loudspeaker is a double power amplifier that blares out sound with super crispness and at loud volumes.

Tecno Boom J8

The sophomore member, the Tecno Boom J8 equally had amazing features that caught the attention of music lovers. The Boom J8 had the Maxx Audio technology incorporated into the device software for optimum sound quality. And yes, the headphones that shipped with the Boom J8 was to kill for. Great aesthetic, super comfortable on the ear when worn, and the sound quality it produced – heavenly!

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So basically, doesn’t matter if you are the earphone type, or you opt to listen to your favourite playlist directly from your phone’s output, good quality sound is assured on the Boom J8. The pre-installed Boom Player, like on the J7, also gives a wide array of quality songs to select from.

The above details clearly positions Tecno’s BOOM series as one with promise. At least if not to anybody, music lovers or gadget owners who have handled and operated any of the two smartphones in the series would agree with me.

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The Tecno Boom J7 was launched sometime in April 2015 and the Boom J8, March 2016. But then, this is the 8th month of the year 2017 and no new addition to BOOM group. Neither has any information or  leak or a rumour has emerged about an upcoming device bearing the BOOM prefix.

Is the loudness of the BOOM J series transitioning into muteness?

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