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Globacom now gives 15% bonus on N100 electronic airtime top-up and above

Nigeria Telecommunication company, Globacom now gives an additional bonus in the region of 15% whenever a user or customer recharges N100 and above through any electronic means.

This, the telco company announced last week at her head office in Lagos that any airtime recharge done via any electronic channels such as Banks USSD recharge codes, mobile banking apps, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), Glo’s *805# USSD recharge code, Glo Café, Online or web merchants, Point-Of-Sale terminals and direct purchase from any Glo retail outlets will automatically attract a 15% compensation bonus.

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Simply put, a recharge of N100 through any electronic method will get a customer a total of N115 airtime credit. N200 give N230, N300 attracts a N45 bonus totalling N345 worth of airtime credit. While the main amount recharged is credited to your main airtime account, the bonus reflects in your bonus account.

However, there’s a limiting factor as regards the bonus airtime – a validity period or expiration date. In the statement released by the Telecom company, validity period of all bonuses ranges from 7 days to 30 days.

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“Bonuses on e-Top Up amounts below N1000 have seven days validity, while bonuses on e-Top Up amounts between N1000 and N1999 have 15 days validity. Similarly, bonuses on e-Top Up amounts from N2000 and above are valid for 30 days.” the company revealed.

The 15% electronic top-up airtime bonus can be received by all Glo customers irrespective of whatever tariff plan they are. Eligibility criterion is simply an active Glo SIM card. So irrespective if you are on Glo’s Free Tomorrow tarriff plan, or Glo Bumpa or G-Bam, as long you make an airtime recharge from any electronic means outside the physical “scratch-to-load” recharge cards, you get back 15% of your airtime value as a bonus.

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You can check your main airtime balance by dialing #124*1#. Whereas, #122# is the USSD code to dial to view the 15% bonus balance.

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