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iPhone 8 to have 3 storage variants and cost as high as $1200, plus there’s a new iPhone X in the mix

Several reports, news, rumors, leaks, renders and concept pictures of the upcoming iPhone 8 have surfaced. And here’s another one.

A mobile reporter by the name of Benjamin Geskin (@VenyaGeskin1) took to Twitter today to reveal that the iPhone 8 will come in 3 variants based on storage. The content of his tweet reveals that the iPhone 8 will have 64 GB, 128 GB and 512 GB versions.

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That’s not all, Benjamin seem to have information as regards the iPhone 8 pricing too. Purportedly, the 64 GB iPhone 8 will retail for $999 (approx. $1,000). This according to Benjamin will be the smallest of the upcoming iPhone 8 in term of price and storage. The 128 GB variant of the iPhone 8 will cost $100 more than the 64 GB version i.e $1,099 while the biggest of the iPhone 8 will be available for $1,199.

Wait! There’s more.

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Pocket-lint says we all have been getting it wrong all these while as to what Apple will name the upcoming iPhones. While Pocket-lint confirms that Apple will unveil three (3) iPhones come September 12 and it will include an iPhone 8, it however debunked news that there will be an iPhone 7S or an iPhone 7S Plus as earlier reports suggested.

What will be unveiled in place of the rumored iPhone 7S and 7S Plus will be an iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone Edition. The iPhone 8 Plus is expected to be quite similar to the iPhone 8 while the iPhone Edition is something we haven’t really heard much about.

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The iPhone Edition is a new one from Apple and Pocket-lint reports that it is a special kind of premium iPhone that will rock special specs like an all-front OLED display, advanced facial recognition technology and surprisingly, no home button (first of its kind from Apple). The iPhone Edition is also rumored to have the nickname “iPhone X”.

While we can’t categorically state all these to be true for sure, what we can confirm is that the iPhone 8 and other Apple gadgets will be unveiled on September 12 at the Steve Jobs theater in Apple’s new campus, Cupertino California.

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