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A 3G version of Nokia 3310 gets unveiled, has new colors and interface

The original Nokia 3310 was an iconic gadget. It was also among the highest selling phones of all time. Users praised its durability and long battery life among other things. With such a legacy, it was a great move for HMD to bring back the device in modern times. Unfortunately, the Nokia 3310 (2017) only came in 2G network capabilities which is a technology that is being abandoned by developed countries. It meant that those countries could not get the Nokia 3310 to work, but today, HMD released a solution.

Meet the Nokia 3310 3G, as the name suggest, it comes with 3G network compatibility for faster data speeds and more global networks support. Now Facebook, Twitter and other internet connected services will operate significantly faster on this non-smartphone. Despite having a more battery-intensive 3G radio, the company promised 6.5 hours of call time and a whopping 27 days of stand-by time.

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The phone also gets a new interface that allows users to rearrange icons and other more personalized customization options including color themes.

The device is available in new body-color options namely; Azure, Yellow, Warm Red or Charcoal. It is retailing for $69 and will start shipping mid-October.

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