LEAK: Google Pixel 2 to have NO SIM card slot. Wait, What?!!


We are living in an era where technology advancements are being marked by removal of features that were once standard, for instance, the 3.5mm audio jack, then the bezels, now the SIM card. Google recently acquired the HTC’s Pixel division, but if this is the direction they are taking things, then maybe that move was not the best idea.

Believe it or not, the Pixel 2 won’t be the first device to launch without a SIM card slot. The company that is usually first to abandon ‘old’ tech and ironically the last to apply new standards that people actually need has already pulled such a stunt with their smart watches. If you haven’t gotten the hint yet, we are talking about Apple. The new Apple Watch Series 3 came with the promise of being able to make phone calls and have LTE capabilities. These features are made possible by the use of an embedded SIM. This is a SIM card that is put in by the manufacturer and is not user-removable. It works with networks that support such a technology without requiring the user to keep swapping SIM cards.

According to a new rumor, Google is considering to go that direction with the Pixel sequel. Sure, such a technology has its benefits such as taking away the SIM swapping hustle, but then again it has the risk of being incompatible with some carriers as well.  It would be very unfortunate for someone to spend north of $600 for a device only to find out that they cannot use the network of their choice. Maybe Google will have traditional SIM slots in some markets.

Other specifications that got leaked include; 2700mAh for Pixel 2 and 3250mAh for Pixel 2 XL; full HD for Pixel 2 and QHD for the XL. Both will be powered by snapdragon 835, 64GB & 128GB storage options. Both will be IP67 water and dust resistant with Gorilla Glass 5 for screen protection. None of them will have dual cameras. However, the XL will have an edge to edge, bezel-less display while the smaller version will settle for a tradition look. HTC squeeze feature will be available in both as Active Edge. We only have to wait until next week for the official unveiling.