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NRM Safaricom boycott to render 1million people jobless- Dealers Association

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Kenya has seen a dramatic election period that was characterized by bitter rigging accusations by the National Super Alliance to Jubilee, the ruling party. In the accusations, the country biggest telcom according to subscriber numbers was roped in with the opposition insisting that it aided the ruling party to rig elections.

Safaricom has since rubbished the accusations but it looks like the telcom company will be paying heavily for the part it allegedly played in the outcome of the general elections as Nasa, which has since metamorphosed to the National Resistance Movement (NRM) has called on all its supported to boycott Safaricoms products.

The boycott has since officially started and the NRM leader Raila Odinga is expected to change his allegiance to Airtel today at 4.00pm.No sooner had people started changing to other networks than the company started feeling the effects. According to the chairlady of the Safaricom Dealers Association Ms. Esther Muchemi, about1 million people are going to lose their jobs if the situation persists. She has called for sobrierity among the politicians.

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“We appeal to all Kenyans to resist such calls to kill our economy. Boycotting Safaricom means no communication networks and those who will lose jobs are our brothers and sisters with families to feed and children to educate,” she said.

Kenyans were swift to react with mixed feelings after the announcement at the meeting where Eunice was flanked by other members of the association. Here are some of the reactions.

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“Safaricom Dealers Association” safaricom has just been a ‘government parastatal’ – majority of its employees are just the Uthamaki— Reinhard Otieno (@rjakom) November 6, 2017

Safaricom dealers association have been enjoying abnormal profits for them to sponsor Jubilee now they shld face their consequences #Resist

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— Kipkurui (@Aldo47_) November 6, 2017

Hi Safaricom Dealers Association. We were so faithful to Safaricom, they took this for granted and became unfaithful to us. We became mad.— Slum Doc (@slumepidoc) November 6, 2017

Safaricom Dealers Association should have kept their business out of politics in the first place. They’ve ruined our country by aiding thugs— #ImNotMilitia (@OtileVince) November 6, 2017

Safaricom Dealers Association should not worry about NRM. Most of their supporters use less than 20 bob credit a week.— Mainado (@mainado) November 6, 2017

We saw Nairobi business communty. Now we are seeing Safaricom dealers association. Same script. The real dealers are also shifting #RESIST— piusk (@piusk1) November 6, 2017

“Safaricom Dealers Association”should know that we started with them from the scratch, we will also apply the same to build @AIRTEL_KE— Charles Orwaru (@OrwaruCharles) November 6, 2017


Why is the Safaricom Dealers Association panicking? They still have the 7million wembe guys..— NRM #20???? (@Medrynekwendo) November 6, 2017

This lady from Safaricom Dealers Association should understand that we are just getting started. Don’t believe me, just watch!— Miss Muhoho Kenyatta (@misssKenyatta) November 6, 2017

Safaricom Dealers Association could have warned Bob Collymore not get into politics the #resist is real!! Na bado….— NRM #20???? (@Medrynekwendo) November 6, 2017

Welcome to Kenya where NRM has left Safaricom Dealers Association dealing with losses. Let’s continue to #Resist ????— josco10 (@josco_david) November 6, 2017

Safaricom Dealers Association Should Know That They Ain’t The Only One In Kenya, We Have @AIRTEL_KE— The Last Poet (@LoveDracullar) November 6, 2017




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