Meet The Woman Who Is Building Ghana’s Biggest Solar Farm

Image: Forbes

The African business culture is usually to build an idea which they eventually sell.

It stops at creating a brilliant startup but not investing in it or think of creating employment. However, for one 48-year-old entrepreneur in Ghana she has a different vision for her company. She has been building a multimilion-dollar oil and gas company known as UBI Group. It’s not everyday you meet women who are interested in this field, due to different limitations women don’t ordinarily venture into this business. It is taxing, demanding and requires a lot of effort, however Salma Okonkwo is leading an energy company in Africa.

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She has been working on Ghana’s energy industry and slowly but surely her efforts has been expanding.

Salma is ambitiously building Ghana’s biggest solar farm, called Blue Power Energy which is meant to open in March 2019 with 100 megawatts of energy. If all goes well, it will be one of the largest in Africa which which also means she will be creating employment opportunity for Ghanaian people.

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Her passion was beyond making money, her main goal is to provide cheap energy to Northern Ghana through the solar farm.

She pointed out that it took her a while to start the journey after she had presented her idea to her former employers and they couldn’t see her vision. As a charitable project, she will be opening a day-care center in Accra for children born to Kayayo women, where she hopes the women will be educated and break the cycle.