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Is technology leading us towards De-urbanization?

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What is Urbanization?
Urbanization is a process where the population from a rural area moves to the urban area which causes the city to grow. People move due to the notion that they will get better job opportunities and have better living standards in the city compared to the rural area.

Urbanization is due to the occurrence of the industrial revolution. Due to the outbreak of plenty of jobs in the city, people decided to relocate. However, due to too much of urbanization, the living standards in the city are deteriorating. Many cities are overcrowded, there is no clean air due to thousands of vehicles and many industries and a shortage of water due to too many people. Space constraint is also a big issue in the city as spacious houses are too expensive. With so many issues of living in the city, people are dreaming of escaping to the rural area again and the latest technologies have made it possible for them to start a new, peaceful and healthy life outside the city.

Work from Home:
Urbanization mainly has occurred due to the concentration of jobs in the city. But with the advancement of technology, you do not need to go to the office to do your job. You can work from the comfort of your home itself. Cloud platform lets you store your documents online for sharing with colleagues. Online video conference and meetings can be held. This way the entire globe can become your office and you can connect and work with anyone across the world. This makes physical location not significant at all hence people do not have to move to cities to work in good companies and people who are already living in the cities get a chance to move to the comfort of rural spacious homes.

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Companies Outsourcing the Work to Rural Areas:
Companies have started to take advantage of outsourcing their work to rural areas where the cost of living is less hence the companies need to pay less. The ‘work-from-home’ facility is being used to finish off the job. Local offices are also being set up which are cheaper than renting an office in the city. This way people don’t have to relocate, and the company has financial advantages too, it is a win-win for all.

Online Shopping:
One of the bonuses of living in the city used to be visiting shopping complexes. However, nowadays consumers can buy anything online and get it delivered to the doorstep. These services are expanding to rural areas too. Hence rural living is preferred by many people as it provides them with fresh air, clean water, wide space, and a calm surrounding.

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Online Education:
In earlier days, we have heard many people dislocating from rural areas to the city for better education of their children and the city side had the best schools. Technology has led us to the path of online learning which can be done from any place of the earth, you just need an internet connection and a laptop.

There are still certain limitations of living in a rural area, but technology is rapidly advancing and very soon there could be major breakthroughs which will lead to mass migration of people from the city to rural areas causing De-urbanization.

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