10 Tech Influencers on YouTube You Need to Know


In 2019, who doesn’t have a YouTube channel or two that they simply can’t live without? Doesn’t matter if it’s about food, design, entrepreneurship, gaming or just about anything.

From a group of friends I talk to, just about everybody has a selection of YouTubers they love, subscribe to, and watch regularly. Some are local, others are international.

For me, it’s quite a handful of different channels, from young couples take us through marriage experiences like the Kenyan Wajesus Family and Australian based Jamie and Nikkie, to tech Influencers and reviewers like iJustine, among others. There are others who follow church services and sermons on different topics, while others just want to know the latest hairdo like the natural hair journey of women who’ve decided to ditch the perms like Wabosha for something more interesting when managing their natural tresses.

I can’t begin to tell you how many well-produced and informative channels I’ve discovered.

As for tech, content creators have an even larger audience as viewers stumble across the videos while they search for a product name (Samsung for example) or brand on YouTube. Definitely there are YouTubers who have built a loyal audience and following.

Keeping up with trends has become tasking and hence we thought it would be fun to compile a list of 10 tech influencers we think you should know about or subscribe to. Although, this is not the definitive list, nor will everyone listed match your choice, but they are what we found is poppin’ right now in no particular order.

We’d love to know your opinion and welcome any links and names of your favorite diverse YouTubers if they aren’t represented below.


Marques Brownlee is a YouTube sensation who is best known for his reviews on hand-held devices, Marques a.k.a. MKBHD produces a channel that is informative, well-researched and an invaluable resource for tech consumers. It’s no surprise MKBHD is a great YouTube channel that’s been growing in popularity over years. As we speak Marques has 8.8 million subscribers and it’s clear why.

2. ijustine

Oh, how we love ijustine she’s just clever, cute, witty, and a bundle of information about everything tech. Love how laid back and energetic she is! Tech, video games, failed cooking attempts, vlogs and more is what you will find on her channel.

3. UrAvgConsumer

This is a channel any techie parent will love. Not only is the host up on the back-to-school gadgetry, but he’s also keepin’ it real about cost and performance. He’s always offering giveaways for viewers. We particularly enjoy his Gadget BackPack series.

4. TechmeOut

TechmeOut claims to deliver the information on everything technology. And it does! From product reviews, unboxings, top apps to download for Android and iOS, tech tips, jailbreak tweaks, and more. We particularly like TechmeOut’s product roundups. This lady’s channel is bomb!

5. Fisayo Fosudo

The Nigerian-based techie describes himself as a visual storyteller and tech YouTuber. He creates visually stimulating and well-polished videos on gadgets and hand devices. This young University of Lagos graduate is certainly showcasing the growing appetite for mobile devices in Nigeria and across the continent. Just today he did a short interesting video on what Nigerian men prefer between android and iPhone.

6. iCrackUriDevice

This YouTube influencer calls himself ICU. He features a lot of news and rumors mostly about any Apple-related information including the latest iPhone models to MacBooks. He also does comparison videos between other similar products and is competitors of Apple.

7. LinusTechTips

This is run by Canadian tech enthusiast Linus Sebastian, who mainly unboxes computer hardware like PC Casings, motherboards, keyboards, mouse’s and earphones. While doing the unboxing, he will talk about other helpful information that is related to the products he’s unboxing. Linus Tech Tips has gained a large following of 8.7M. He also gives general tips on tech and guides viewers through tech concepts.

8. Unbox Therapy

This is among the most commonly followed tech channel on YouTube, with 14M subscribers, Unbox Therapy is a popularly known channel that shares reviews about PC components, gadgets like mobiles and tablets. Even famous gaming consoles among teenagers are also covered as a major topic in the video content. Millions of viewers regularly watch videos on this channel.

9. Jonathan Morison

On this channel you will find some high-quality video about the aesthetics of technology, few shortlisted gadgets are projected on this channel for their review and better-use-tips. Jonathan Morrison also finds unconventional ways to grab attention in tech circles because his deep understanding of technology lets him experiment with it in interesting ways, like charging an iPhone with fire. His channel has a huge following of dedicated viewers, and he has worked with brands like XFINITY and AT&T.

10. TechRax

TechRax, which is run by Ukrainian influencer Taras Maksimuk, mostly shows the destruction of new tech products, the bulk of which are cell phones from either Apple or Samsung. He also performs drop tests on the channel, allowing viewers to see firsthand the durability of each tech product. Some of this drop tests can really drive you to the edge.

Most of these have ads and sponsored content from various partners but also run affiliate marketing on YouTube.