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How Millennials and Generation Z are changing the online gambling sphere

by Milcah Lukhanyu
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As Millennials replace Baby Boomers as the largest consumer group, online casinos are forced to change the way they operate to keep up with the swiftly changing demographic trends.  For example, the growing popularity of mobile casinos is a result of the push to attract millennial gamers.  

The oldest members of Generation Z, those born between 1997 and 2016, are reaching the age where, they too, will begin to impact the online gambling industry.  Businesses of all types are poised to meet the unique needs of this newest consumer group.

While both of these groups are less likely than their predecessors to frequent land-based casinos, they do have an important role to play in the evolution of the online gambling world.  Many of the advances in gaming technology have been in response to the demands of this unique generation, and we will surely see more innovative games and marketing strategies that are designed to attract young players.  

Where they play:

Many Millennials and Gen Z players prefer to play remotely, rather than visit a physical casino.  Smartphones and internet technology have made it so that younger generations have come to expect convenient access to everything via mobile phones and tablets.  As a result, casino sites have spent a large amount of time and resources improving their mobile offerings, optimizing their websites, and creating a comprehensive and user-friendly experience across multiple devices. They also provide generous online casino free spins no deposit bonuses to finally convince new players in their choice. If you enjoy playing the pokies on your phone while you are on the train to work, you have the millennials to thank. 

What they play:

Millennials have also caused a noticeable difference in the types of games that casinos offer.  Having grown up with video games like Nintendo, Wii, and X-Box, these technology-loving players insist on games that feature amazing graphics, entertaining themes, recognizable brands, and crystal-clear audio.  They also demand an appealing and easy to use interface that offers plenty of options and top-notch security protocols.  

Perhaps the biggest shift in gaming options that have been influenced by millennials is the development of games that require skill in addition to luck.  While table games, like poker, never go out of style, slots have gotten a major face-lift due to millennial preferences. Software designers have begun to include the classic qualities of arcade and videogames in their slot game offerings, with some even featuring recognizable characters.  Adding minigames that rely on skill, allows people to test their video game skills while simultaneously working toward winning the jackpot.  

How they pay:

Online casinos have also been forced to reconsider the kinds of payment methods they accept.  Millennials and Gen Z are suspicious of online transactions and shun traditional banking institutions, so they often choose alternative methods of payment.  E-wallets, like Neteller or Ecopayz, and alternative currencies like Bitcoin, are popular among these cautious customers.  

These methods appeal to younger players because they are safe, inexpensive, and fast.  Most casinos online already accept e-wallets and the number that supports Bitcoin increases by the day.  Some innovative sites accept Bitcoin exclusively and more are sure to follow the trend. 

Who they play with:

Just because patrons are not physically sitting at a land-based casino, does not mean they do not want a social experience.  This is especially important to Gen Z, who have been raised in a world of video chat, and virtual friendships. Today’s casinos must offer social media integrations and live gaming options to meet the expectations of this technologically savvy generation.  

Social media is also important as a marketing strategy to attract young gamers.  Casino owners know that a strong online presence and plenty of positive reviews is critical to earning the trust needed to gain new customers.

What it all means for the online gaming sphere:

The change in online and mobile casinos is a great thing for players of all ages.  You do not have to take advantage of all the new offerings to enjoy the advancements that have been made.  Secure gaming platforms and a wide range of payment options, combined with incredible graphics, enhanced classic favorites and creative new titles, live dealer games, and enhanced mobile play are win-win for everyone.  

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