Tuesday, June 28, 2022
Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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BrighterMonday launches new tool to grow its recruitment agency revenues

by Dinah Kanana
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BrighterMonday has introduced a new product designed to make the process of finding the best candidates more efficient for human resource professionals, business heads and entrepreneurs looking to hire quality talent. 

The tool dubbed ‘Best Match’ aims to cater to growing organizations with limited access to niche talent, those with mass recruitment needs as well as organizations that were not savvy enough to use digital recruitment solutions.

“Employers who use the Best Match product will get up to 10 best matches within the first 7 days of their job posting going live,” said BrighterMonday CEO Emmanuel Mutuma.

Best Match aims to save time for the employer, and for those that are not too tech-savvy.  In addition, employers get access to over 1 million candidates in the BrighterMonday candidate database, 80% who are fully profiled and have undergone behavioural tests.

The Best Match uses a mix of HR experts and automated matching algorithm to sort and rank candidates that best match the criteria an employer is looking for in a role.  The mix ensures that science and experience are combined effectively in order for the  employer to get  the very best out of the candidates that have applied for the role.

“Recruiting talent is an arduous and expensive task for employers as it involves a lot of administrative filtering. Many growing organizations struggle with identifying people who would take their business to the next level. With increased demand for jobs, employers receive hundreds of applications for a vacancy and have to sort through heaps of CVs and profiles to find candidates that best fit what they require for the role,” noted Mr. Mutuma.

The Future of Jobs 2018 Report courtesy of the World Economic Forum cited that many employers’ retraining and upskilling efforts remained focused on a narrow set of current highly-skilled, highly-valued employees. However, in order to truly rise to the challenge of formulating a winning workforce strategy, businesses were challenged to recognize the human capital investment as an asset rather than a liability. This means hiring the best fit.  With this new value proposition, BrighterMonday is guaranteeing employers the Best Match for their organizations.

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