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The Environment of Africa’s Gaming Development

by Fredrick Gitaka
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The iGaming industry on the African continent continues to rise each year and this can be seen in more developed African countries such as Kenya. Countries such as these have been very accepting of the iGaming industry, keeping an open mind about the possibilities that games can provide. Kenya stands out as being a major adopter of mobile phones and this adoption is being done at a very rapid pace and a prediction made by the PricewaterhouseCoopers’ 7th annual Entertainment and Media Outlook said that there will be a massive growth in the usage of mobile devices and browsers to play casual and social games, with more and more people in Africa having access to the internet through their phones.

The Need for Game Developers

There has been a growing desire for Kenyas for digital experiences and much focus is being put on game development with many of the developers themselves being self-thought by using available resources online, like social platforms such as YouTube and Skillshare. There is a noticeable gap in this particular area in Kenya and around the continent as well. Many classes are being created and dedicated to providing high-learning classes and courses for game development.

A great focus is being put on developing other areas of the games where there is a lack of the needed talents, such as animation, world-building, sound, and special effects. Many companies located in Africa expressed concerns regarding the lack of skill present in the gaming development areas, especially in animation work. Also, the lack of creativity has been flagged as an issue. Access to training and experience in the industry is a key factor that would help improve the overall South African gaming and animation industry. Raising awareness of these needed skills is also essential to ensure that there will be a growing interest in regards to gaming development in Africa.

The Growing Trend of Mobile Gaming in Africa

Africa is no stranger to games in general, having a long history with board games. Digital games are a new thing in Africa and game design has not been though in schools until recently, explains Dutrieux, a game developer that was part of a five-person team called QCF Design. Many people ended up as game developers unintentionally through their skills as programmers and graphic designers coming together to make an idea a reality.

People with technical skills such as programmers and digital artists are plentyfull, however in the case of programmers, other sectors of the workforce such as corporate and finance where more appealing as a future-proof career. Mobile gaming, in general, has been steadily growing in Africa, with more people having access to phones and over 10 years the number of people subscribed to a mobile service is in the millions. When it was first made known to the world, online gaming was a trend adopted mostly by tech-savvy and those with access to access and the know-how to operate them. Since the launch of 3G broadband network, mobile phones and mobile gaming quickly became popular amongst the crowds and, over time, there have been many innovations to make online gambling available to a wider audience that owns a mobile device.

The growing use of mobile devices proves to be very beneficial for the gaming industry, especially iGaming. Kenya is one of the countries in Africa that has the most people connected to an internet service and more people are able to have access to online casino games such as slots, poker and of course betting sites. Africa’s market is very complex and continues to develop each year, connecting more people across the continent, and so far, the future looks promising for casino companies and the iGaming industry.

Final Thoughts

Because tech enthusiasts are opting for other business areas, there is a lack of technical skills in the game development sector, where many programmers sometimes shift their attention to animation work. To ensure the future of proper game development resources and expertise, more emphasis is being put on education and support for technical training. Gaming is used to develop and research other things such as artificial intelligence. A group in Africa called “Serious About Games” or SAG, is promoting online games with the goal of testing and researching artificial intelligence which will be later used in other and more serious areas such as business and social areas.

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