PDF WIZ- A Brief Review


PDF (Portable Document Format) documents have become popular by the day as businesses get automated globally. In offices and institutions around the world, PDF documents are the standard format for all official documentation.

PDF has become popular because it enables a user to present and exchange documents reliably, independent of software, hardware or operating system. However, converting documents to and from PDF is still a major obstacle to many users and some of the softwares used to convert documents to or from PDF are expensive and require advanced computers to access them.

PDF WIZ, a free and simpler way to convert and edit your PDF files also helps users convert PDF to other file formats. It enables one to convert PDF to Microsoft Word files, PDF to Powerpoint or PPTX slides, PDF to Excel, PDF to editable TXT files, PDF to Html, PDF to Image files such as JPG, PNG, TIFF or other image formats.

PDF Wiz also allows users to convert other files to PDF such as Word to PDF, DOC or DOCX to easy-to-read PDF files, Image to PDF and users can merge multiple images into one PDF files.

Why should you use PDF WIZ?

Offline use

PDF WIZ is simple to use. It’s a desktop program for Windows computers and can be used with or without internet. Unlike online PDF converters, users don’t have to worry about internet access.

Free with no feature limitation
PDF WIZ is free of charge and users have access to as many features as possible. Users only need to download the software and use it on their computers then have full access to all its features.

Multidevice use
PDF WIZ can be used on any device and users can convert or edit their PDF files with just a few clicks. Because it uses a few storage space, users find it easy to work on document or image compression algorithms.

How to convert PDF to Microsoft Word by using WIZ

Step 1.Download PDF Wiz, launch it on your computer. Click on”convert PDF to”to go to the next screen.

Step 2.On the screen that follows, either directly drags the PDF file to the converting box and drop it, or click the box field to select from your computer the PDF file you want to convert at the same time.

Step 3After putting the PDF files you want to convert to the converting box, click”all” below “sel page” to choose which pages from the PDF you want to convert, and click OK. You can also choke how and where to save the converted files by ticking the options below.

Step 4.When you are ready, click on the Convert Now button below, to start conversion. When the status goes to100%, it means the conversion has completed. Then you can open the converted file or go to the saved location directly by click on the buttons”open” location”

Why PDF wiz is a better option.

It can be used without access to the Internet in comparison to using other online PDF converters and the information security will still be safeguarded. In addition, it’s offered for free without any feature limitations. Once downloaded to the computer, a user will gain access to all features.

Handling PDF is simplified, with a few clicks, a user can be able to convert or edit PDF files they wish to.

Who can use PDF WIZ

PDF WIZ can be used by the following category of users;

A lawyer who has tons of legal documents to deal with

A graduate student who needs to prepare for his or her thesis

An official who deals with tons of government documents